Short Term Income Fund a Brief Overview

Passive Investing

Take a quick look behind the curtain and see if our Short Term Income fund, that enjoys REIT taxation, could be right for you. Watch the video below, Download the STI Overview PDF>> then Book your time with one of our Investor Relations Team to get all your questions answered!

Short Term Income Fund (STI)

  • Provides lending to real estate investors. First deed of trust – highly secure
  • 250+ loans in portfolio provides diversification
  • Liquid on relatively short notice
  • Quarterly dividends with an annual return of about 8-9% per year
  • Tax-preferred treatment as a REIT

This investment briefing is an overview of our current funds and does not constitute an offer. Please consult with your financial advisor or CPA to see if our funds might be a good fit for you, and book a time with our Investment Relations Team so we can answer any questions.

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