Passively Diversify Your Real Estate Investments

Your portfolio shouldn’t be your second job!
From long-term funds to short-term liquidity, we’ll find the investments and manage them for you so you can diversify your portfolio and have time to enjoy the rewards…

Growth vs Income:
Which is Right For You?

Diversify with a mix of both Growth and Income Investments

National Diversified Funds

Our flagship Growth Fund helps you achieve real estate investing diversification and more without the need for active portfolio management with a target IRR of 17-20%.

We target $10-15M into 8-15 projects, with checks in individual projects ranging from $250K to $3M. This amount enables us to get exclusive access to premium projects and often receive better terms than small investors.

Short Term Income Funds

Our Short Term Income Fund (STI) is a great opportunity for our investors to have a short term or rainy day cash reserve option.

It provides investors with significantly higher income, 8-9.5% annual return (varies with underlying performance and AUM), compared to money markets with a good level of liquidity. Dividends paid quarterly.

STI is also taxed at the lower REIT tax rate (20% at federal level), consult your CPA.

Medium Term Income Funds

Our Medium-Term Income Fund (MTI) provides investors with 11-13% annual return compared to CDs, depending on assets invested with Ironton Capital, only varies with AUM (underlying is fixed.) Dividends paid quarterly with some liquidity given advance notice.

MTI is a great option for investors wanting further diversification that is completely uncorrelated with real estate or the stock market. as the fund itself is diversified across 25,000+ individual medical invoices.

Diversification is Key to Our Performance

Diversification is key to mitigating risk and maximizing performance. We find the projects and handle the diversification so you don’t have to.

17-20% IRR
Target of 17-20% IRR
From Completed Projects
8-9.5% Annual Return
8-9.5% Annual Return
Short Term Income Fund, varies with underlying performance and AUM
11-13% Annual Income
11-13% Annual Return
Medium Term Income Fund, only varies with AUM (underlying is fixed)

Build to Rent Development - McKinney TX

New built-to-rent (BTR) single-family homes in an affluent Dallas suburb. 56% actual IRR.

Funding Date January 2020
Target Annualized Return 15.5%
Actual Annualized % Return 56% Actual IRR – Finished Project

Multifamily Development - Arlington, TX

Target 15% net IRR. Actual 33.8% IRR. A Luxury, 331-unit Garden-Style Multifamily Development in High-Income Area of Dallas-Fort Worth MSA.

Funding Date January 2019
Target Annualized Return 15%
Actual Annualized % Return 33.8% Actual IRR – Finished Project

Value-Add Multifamily - Atlanta, GA

A garden-style apartment community consisting of 396 units in 36 three-story buildings located on 29 acres in the desirable and affluent Roswell submarket of Atlanta.

Funding Date January 2019
Target Annualized Return 13.5%
Actual Annualized % Return 16.3% Actual IRR – Finished Project

Student Housing Development - North Dallas

PA 132 unit / 426 bed, Class A, luxury student housing development. Located in Denton, TX, next to the University of North Texas

Funding Date January 2019
Target Annualized Return 13.5%
Actual Annualized % Return 13.5% Actual IRR – Finished Project

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