Meet Ironton Capital

At Ironton Capital, our collective mission is to serve hard working individuals, offering support to grow their nest egg and secure a stable financial future through passive, diversified investing.

I’m Lon Welsh, former strategic consultant with Deloitte, then Arthur Andersen (Accenture), then owner and founder of Your Castle Real Estate, with over 700 Realtors and 4,800+ transactions ($2.5 billion) in 2022.  Ironton Capital’s journey began in the world of financial consulting, where the thrill of finding solutions to help businesses grow was a driving force.

For nearly 20 years I have been teaching classes to help small investor screen and select homes and apartments to turn into profitable long-term rentals.

I’ve written over a dozen books on real estate investing and helped create a lot of millionaires over time. Yet, I noticed that for every one person in a class that would act and buy a rental, nineteen would not, being busy professionals that just didn’t have the time to diversify on their own.

Recognizing this unmet need for passive investors, we assembled a passionate team with diverse expertise in accounting, banking, investing, and client relations to serve the 95% of the people that want quality, investment-grade real estate in their portfolio but don’t want to be an active investor.

That said, our funds can also help active investors add investment-grade real estate into their portfolio. Often, they sell their rental and use the depreciation from our fund to offset most or all their capital gains. Over ten years, most active investors will create more wealth for their families and charitable interests than they would keeping their active rentals, and all while switching to passive investing.

And while investing is our passion, we have found that true fulfillment has always come from the familial bond with office staff and fostering growth in the real estate community. Supporting families facing adversity at Ronald McDonald House and contributing to The Boys and Girls Clubs of America reflects our commitment to making a meaningful impact and a positive difference in people’s lives.

Together, our goal is to create over $100 million of wealth for our investors over the next decade while building up our communities. We’re excited to share our expertise and this exciting journey with you.

Welcome to Ironton Capital,
Lon Welsh
Founder and Managing Partner
Ironton Capital

Meet Our General Partners & Investment Committee

Lon Welsh

Founder & Managing Partner
  • MBA Vanderbilt
  • 8+ years in strategy consulting: Deloitte, Accenture
  • 20+ years of commercial RE acquisition, development
  • 20%+ IRR over lifetime
  • Founder/CEO largest independent Colorado brokerage,
    Your Castle Real Estate, 750+ agents, 5,200+ annual deals, $2.8 billion in annual sales
  • Founder of First Alliance Title, large title and escrow company, Exit to Compass
  • On Board of Directors for Boys and Girls Clubs Denver and the Denver/Aurora Ronald McDonald Houses

Vital Aelion

General Partner & Chief Investments Officer
  • Advised investment banking clients for 10+ years, for top-tier Wall Street banks
  • Extensive consulting and new venture experience
  • Owns and manages 80+ rental properties
  • 20%+ IRR over lifetime
  • MBA, NYU Stern
  • PhD, Carnegie Mellon. BS & MS, MIT

Brent Guyor

General Partner & Portfolio Management
  • 20 years RE acquisition, development land use across multiple states
  • 15+ years owning rental properties
  • Experienced in Urban and Resort RE markets
  • 20%+ IRR over lifetime
  • Accountant KPMG, BS Accounting Michigan State

Contact Us

Please reach out with any questions you may have about Ironton Capital or any of our investment opportunities at support @ irontoncapital.com