National Diversified Fund 7 is Live!

Should I sell my Rental Property to invest with Ironton Capital? What key factors should I consider in this decision-making process?

We start by looking at the individual property’s current equity, cash flow, and the impact of new regulations, including licensing requirements in various cities. It’s important to remove any historical bias and assess the property’s current financial health. Many investors who have held properties for an extended period may find that their expected returns have […]

I’m considering selling a rental property. What are some things I should consider when thinking about whether I should do a 1031 or reinvest the profits into NDF’s depreciation shares? What can I likely expect to receive in depreciation for the fund?

We have a few webinars that cover this topic. You’ll want to talk to your CPA, then set up a 1:1 meeting with one of us to help brainstorm the best path. Usually – not always – we find we can craft a solution that works well for an individual situation.

Will I recieve Depreciation Benefits?

It depends on what you’re investing in with us. The Short Term Income Fund is an income fund and doesn’t have any depreciation losses, so none will be pass through. Our National Diversified Funds have two class shares with: You pick the class share that is best for your situation and investing goals! Please check […]

Fund Vs. Syndication-What’s the Difference?

Syndications are typically a single asset or project investment. It’s similar to buying stock in one company. Funds have multiple assets or projects. A fund is similar to buying a mutual fund made up of multiple stocks. Ironton Capital primarily focuses on offering real estate funds for diversification to lower risk.