National Diversified Fund 7 is Live!

What are next steps if I want to invest?

In short, you’ll reserve your spot in the fund by indicating your investment entity and amount, review and sign the fund’s documents, and then wire your funds. It’s that simple!

What is my exposure to capital calls?

For many of our funds, we’ll draw 50-80% of your capital commitment at the time that you make the investment. We’ll give you our best estimate at that time of when we’ll draw the balance of your commitment. We can’t think of any likely scenario where you would be forced to make capital calls beyond […]

What is an Accredited Investor, and Do I have to be one?

Yes, we are only able to take investments from accredited investors. An accredited investor is anyone who has an annual household income of $200K/yr (single) or $300K/yr (married) OR has a net worth of $1M or more, not including primary residence. Learn more details on the SEC Website.