National Diversified Fund 7 is Live!
Ultimate control
and customization.
Build a bespoke real estate portfolio, one investment at a time, from a selection of institutional-quality commercial properties.
Investments Overview
National Diversified FundS

Our National Diversified Funds (NDFs) are diversified because there are three dimensions of risk management: Strategy, geography, and Asset Class.

NDFs will generally invest $1 to 3 million per project. This amount supports both access to premium projects and ample fund diversification.

Deal-by-Deal Investing

Build your real estate portfolio, one investment at a time. Find multifamily value add projects, new development and build to rent projects. 

Many of these investments are also included in our National Diversified Funds. Invest directly or through our NDFs.

SHort Term INcome Fund

Our Short Term Income Fund (STI) provides investors with significantly higher income compared to money markets with a good level of liquidity.

STI invests in short-term real estate debt. It’s diversified among 120 – 150 loans. It’s run by commercial bankers, who apply a rigorous underwriting.